26/05/06 Spam

The latest OOTB compilation CD was launched at the Pleasance Bar, a venue that lives up to its name. A great range of musical styles, typical of OOTB, from stomping blues through angst-ridden singer/songwriter (yes, there are still some of those, but thankfully not too many) to vaudeville. Emily Scott and the Victorians were the highlights for this audience member (that’s two separate acts – I can’t imagine them as one band!).  I got the opportunity to back Karen Austin on guitar synth, along with the multi-talented Fraser Drummond, and our little set went well.

On my PC there’s a spam filter, which stops most junk mail before it gets to my inbox. I have to check it every so often to ‘rescue’ a legitimate email from the stinking pit of rubbish, but the titles of the rubbish can be intriguing. Not intriguing enough to open, but intriguing:

  • the best prices for impotence!
  • Leave your small penis behind. Virility patch is here to help!
  • Farm girls ever cought on film
  • breast-feed status symbol
  • unbalanced sidelong
  • your wife think banana is harder than your penis?
  • don’t flood with your sperm the neighbors downstairs
  • headmaster
  • denomination

(Do they mean ‘domination’?  Who cares?)

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