26/06/06 Technocollapse

Worked solidly over the weekend and turned the corner with this project. I can see its completion off in the distance.
I’m unable to receive email (except as bounced error type thingys) and have been since Saturday night. It seems to be a problem at my domain name. If you want to email me about anything in the next few days please use nlamont ‘at’ nlamont dot force9 dot co dot uk.

This morning was ridiculous – not only would email not function, but my laptop wouldn’t connect to my work’s network, my Bluetooth earpiece wouldn’t connect to my phone, my phone, on being restarted, said ‘Sim card not ready’ and Dreamweaver, which I’ve been using for almost every waking hour for three weeks, decided to crash every time I did Find and Replace. Confess – who was sticking pins in your Norman doll this morning?

Rehearsal tonight with the soprano and string quartet. After we’d done Dave Watson’s song, we sat entranced as they belted through something from Carmen. This is going to be fun!

Came across an old tape of Hungry Ghosts playing at the Songwriters Showcase in the Tron in December 1994. Judging by the repetoire it’s quite early in the life of the band, and it sounds pretty good to these ears, twelve years distanced. But what puzzles me is that there’s someone playing extra guitar and mandolin, and I don’t remember who it is. Dave Watson’s pretty sure he didn’t play there with us, but I don’t think it’s the G or Nobody Jones, who both played with us on occasion. Who is the mystery guitarist?

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