26 February 2006

A lot of work on the Out of the Bedroom discussion board. There’s a heck of a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes for these disussion boards, and a new language to learn in the support forums as people talk about bots, Visual Confirmation and MODs. Then there’s MODs themselves, as I undertook my first one – modifications to the PHP files that make the board work. Scary stuff as a comma in the wrong place can bring down the entire forum. But I managed it, second attempt anyway. What am I trying to do? Reduce the number of bots – automated programs – that register as users of the forum in order to show in their profiles links to casinos and online pharmacies, mostly on Russian sites. I’ve got the registration process a bit better now so I’m going to leave it for a while to see how effective it is.

An email correspondence with a loved one reminded me how careless words in sites like this can hurt people.

After vigils till 2:45am on Friday and Saturday night to try to get a photo of the miscreants who’ve attacked our property, I’m ready for bed now. They didn’t come, which is a better outcome than any photo.

Earlier, I spent about three hours playing guitar. Managed to get the kind of sustained, singing tone I’ve wanted for a long time. I had discovered last week that my disappointment with the sustain on the Fernandez guitar wasn’t due to my playing or to my amp settings, but to the fact that there is a battery inside it which needed replaced. Duh.

The retreat I’d planned to go on in April is full. I’ve left it too late.

Pest had her first driving lesson this morning and in the afternoon I spent half an hour with her driving along a country road, the same one Plague learned on. She reached 30mph and third gear and was very proud of herself.

One friend looked at the photos from my room which I posted the other day and declared me ‘a bit of a hippy really’.  She’s still my friend. I share this just to show the depth of my compassion and forgiveness.

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