26 March 2006

After sleeping most of yesterday, slept most of last night and even needed a nap this evening. Other than that I’m fine.

Quiet, fairly routine Sunday – visit from Madame’s Dad, who’s been working for weeks on a DVD of my set at the Left Bank last year, but we still can’t get it to play on our DVD player. It plays on his, on Pest’s and on computers. Strange.

Then the Sunday papers and the mail tray (all the bills, correspondence that comes in during the week gets handled on Sunday), drive Pest to work, then housework and a spot of guitar practice.

After dinner, a little work on the OOTB site and a few first attempts at a logo for a management consultant whose website I’m doing. Remixed a  song called OK’s Not Enough for giveaway in a forthcoming viral marketing ploy. More to follow on that.

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