26 November 2005

Pestilence is 17.

A day of tidying my room, filling binbags with notes I’d previously deemed indispensible. The room doesn’t look a lot different but stuff is off the floor and the shelves are a little more orderly.

Pest had her friends round at night so I sat in my room reacquanting myself with my WaveForms equipment, but not finding myself inspired or even competent. Played along to the Bespoke CD in preparation for a rehearsal with them later this week. On this showing I am not the guitarist they need, but you never know what a rehearsal will pull out of you.

Later, gingerly tuned my guitar to Fripp’s New Standard Tuning, and found it quite beautiful, especially the resonances of open strings. It gives the guitar a wider range and, as is intended, destroys immediately all the cliches an experienced guitarist’s fingers fall into. I couldn’t imagine trying to switch in and out of it during a gig, though. Tuning the B string up to E had me sweating and trembling!

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