27 August 2005

The miseries of the common cold. So many cures touted all over the place but of course nothing works but time.
Sometimes feel overwhelmed by ‘stuff’ – little things that need doing and pile up into bigger things. Some success with the techniques in David Allen’s book Getting Things Done, in fact it’s made a big difference. So much so that I begin to notice the things I constantly put off doing and begin to address the ‘why’. Publicising ‘Romantic Fiction’ is one thing. I tend to say I’ll get around to it when the run of Festival gigs is over but even when I get an evening pretty much to myself, like tonight, I’m reluctant to start touting it out to potential reviewers and radio stations. Is it because I know it’s a bad time, Festival overkill at newspapers etc, or that I just don’t want to do it? It already feels like it’s in the past, in a way that even the Wolf album doesn’t. I’m thinking ahead now to another ‘big’ piece of recording, another album with a focus on more existential stuff. But if I don’t put some work into getting an audience for this little collection, I’m wasting four good songs that deserve to get heard. So I have to do something. And I have a list of next actions. So I’ll do it.
When I feel better.

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