27 December 2005

MySpace – forget it!

My apologies to all those who responded to my emailshot about MySpace – I was so relieved to have actually set something up after so many attempts over months to do so. These involved setting up pages that turned out to be little more than dating ads, emailing their ‘contact’ address to find out how to set up a music page, getting no reply, trying again, going through the same cycle and hating it more each time. Finally I found a link hidden away somewhere that let me set up a ‘band’ page with songs. Fine, but now when I try to log in to update it, it won’t accept my password, or the one it sent me when I asked for my password, or the ‘type what you see in the picture’ crap. So it won’t be updated, ever, and my apologies to those who want to engage with my in the MySpace ‘friends’ stuff. I’m throwing my toys out the pram and I’m not playing!

Tackled a long-standing to-do, clearing out my desk drawer. Found lots of pens, business cards, clips of a million varieties, notebooks, postits of every size, money, three pairs of sunglasses, the little tag put round Plague’s ankle when he was born, bolts and an Allen key from some forgotten self-assembly furniture, bits of computer, a Merry Marvel Marching Society badge, address books from 19something, and two photobooth photos which chillingly portray, depending on your mood, the relentless march of time or the folly of 1970s fashions:

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