27 March 2006

Watched Derren Brown’s new series last night. This is how I like him: not sticking nails up his nose, but explaining and exposing. The idea (of giving an identical ‘profile’ to a group of people after taking a palm outline and a ‘familiar’ object, and everyone finding it very personal and revealing, then showing that they all got the same profile) has been done before but he does it with skill, showmanship and even a sense of responsibility. Last night’s other main illusion, removing the sun from the sky, was also explained, which for this viewer at least made it all the more interesting.

A new site Seven Things, hopes to make avant-garde music accessible. I haven’t downloaded anything to keep yet, but the artist profiles are interesting to listen to. Try it out.

Groan of frustration! This week’s jujutsu cancelled. Tomorrow’s rehearsal of The Band That Probably Has A Name I Just Don’t Know Yet  cancelled because Tricia and Sean’s childminder can’t make it. I can’t wait to get playing with these people again.

Strange phone call interrupted my work, from Plague in his work van somewhere. How do you tie a tie? He doesn’t have to wear one every day so usually gets me to help him. There he was having removed it for some reason, and I had to give him step by step instructions over the phone, doing one myself as I went along. Well, reader, we made it. Smartness by proxy. Could I set up a national tie call-centre?

Listened to some of last year’s recordings and was pleasantly surprised. With a bit of tidying up, some decent vocals and a few contributions from my friends, I could have a Romantic Fiction 2 before too long.

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