Most of the weekend spent on maintenance tasks – tidying, dealing with accumulated and neglected mail: the rest spent helping Plague with a website he is developing for a local charity. As usual a ‘quick job’ in CSS turns out to be an episode of gasping disbelief and the scouring of forums. I never learn.

Packaged up CDs to send to the musicians and other helpers, and labelled up a few more, after two trips to the shops to get ink cartridges.

Over the last week I’ve had a shaky and tentative return to songwriting. I haven’t written a song for about two years, quite simply feeling I didn’t have anything to say. Last Sunday night, I think it was, I was playing over a little guitar figure that I dreamed up on a visit to Fraser Drummond earlier in the year. It gradually developed a mood that took me over, and I started imagining it as a live song thinking ‘oh, here’s where the words would go’. I mumbled a bit to myself (everyone else was in bed) then filled a page with possible lines. I resolved to write a few more every day for a week, which I did with one day missed. On Friday night I looked for connections and strong images. The first batch written on the first night was the best, but the others seemed to confirm what the song was about, although it’s sketchy and mysterious. So now I have something to work on. I’ll record it when I have time, along with a very old song I’m recording, and put them both up here as free downloads. But don’t expect them next week. But I did enjoy the buzz of writing and the anticipation of singing it to an audience.

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