Spent the morning at the Queensferry Raft Race promoting the Ferry Fringe .

In the evening, my gig at the Village in Leith. A nice venue, with friendly organisers and audience. Following enjoyable sets from Simon Kempston and Paul Gladwell (plus piano, cello and percussion), my set went well until I sat down to do a couple of loop-based numbers where I lost the beat and flubbed the song. I recovered for Nicole, where I managed to generate the full funk version, but by that time I’d lost the audience. Oh well, more practice needed.

1 thought on “28/5/07”

  1. “Flubbed” is an excellent word.
    I would have loved to have been there last night, with that top notch line up, but only got back from Italy about 9.00 and I was puggled. The Village is a nice wee pub indeed.

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