28/5/07 the still point

Tonight’s meeting of the Fringe committee was very stressful as we worked to overcome some major setbacks. We had to absorb some bad news and think creatively to start from where we now are, while dealing with the emotions of disappointment and anger. I’m aware that the aim of many spiritual practices is to allow a still point to develop inside where there is chaos or simply bustle outside, and for that still point to provide both refuge and energy reserve for dealing with the nonsense that comes up externally (and internally). During the meeting I glanced out over the Forth and the sun was setting directly in line with one of the pillars of the road bridge. It shone through the diamond shape of girders and a pool of golden light splashed on the river at the foot of the tower. Jast a chance moment of symmetry and beauty. Maybe not the best behaviour for a meeting chairman, but it allowed me a couple of seconds to regroup before re-entering the fray.   

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