28/7/06 Back at OOTB

The Big Project finally went live and public yesterday and seemed to be working fine. I’ve estimated that it has about 1300 pages, most of which I’ve edited by hand over the last few weeks. There’s the odd snag but most of the feedback we’ve had, when it wasn’t complimentary, was about the spelling of the word ‘focussed’ on the home page. Although most dictionaries give it as a legitimate spelling, there are many in the Lloyds TSB HR function who cannot live with it and feel their credibility is undermined by it. It is now ‘focused’. Well if that’s the worst they find …

Went in to Edinburgh in the afternoon to pick up my Ovation from Sound Control where it was getting some work done, and decided to stay in town and go to Out of the Bedroom. Had an enjoyable couple of hours sitting in a pavement cafe reading a biography of David Bowie, then a bag of chips and people-watching. At OOTB it was a quiet night so we had longer spots. I enjoyed playing, and seeing people like Emily Scott and Big Jim, as well as some I hadn’t seen before – Ian Sclater, a country-style duo who may even have been the first OOTB performers to be older than me, and a crazy American called Yahoo who led everyone in a singalong and even a marching circle around the tables. Great fun. Met the multi-talented Fraser Drummond, who regaled me with tales of corruption and deceit in the world of Britain in Bloom.

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  1. Funny you should ask that – see today’s second post. It’s been sloshing around since 1990 but never been in the queue for recording till tonight.

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