28/8/06 Music software

Rosie wrote to me asking what I used for putting music on my site.

Hello Rosie,

I don’t know much but I use:

Goldwave for my own stuff. I save it from my recording software
(Cubase / FL Studio) as a WAV file, then use Goldwave to maximise the volume, trim
off silence or clicks from the beginning, and do fade-ins or
fade-outs. If I’m putting it on an audio CD I leave it as WAV. If it’s
for the web I use Goldwave to save it as mp3.

I use Easy CD Da Extractor for converting commercial albums to mp3.

On my site I use Radio Blog for the juke box on the home page and a
thing called Wimpy to create the one-song player on my songs and CD


These may not be the best but I don’t like spending a lot of time looking at software – when I get something that I can work with, I tend to stay with it.

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