28/9/06 Fopped

Heading to Waverley to meet a work colleague, I passed Fopp. Well, I didn’t exactly pass it, I went in and came out with a few cheap CDs: two old favourites that I previously had only on hissy cassettes – Passengers Original Soundtracks and Ian Hunter’s All American Alien Boy and one that I had heard bits of over the years but never the whole thing – the first Crosby Stills and Nash album.

My colleague’s quote from a GP friend of his: ‘There are no more fat, lazy people in Britain any more – only people with eating disorders.’

I’ve updated the lyrics game with one more successful entry and put in all the ones you didn’t get. And before you start grumbling about obscure unheard-of acts, two used to be  Beatles and another still is Paul Simon.

1 thought on “28/9/06 Fopped”

  1. of your 20 selections, I have 11 yet could identify only 2 out of:-
    David Bowie: Bring Me the Disco King
    The Kinks: Apeman
    Joni Mitchell: Edith and the Kingpin Sensational Alex Harvey Band : Next
    Mott the Hoople: Roll Away the Stone
    Tommy MacKay: My Beautiful Ninja
    George Harrison: Behind That Locked Door
    The Velvet Underground: Jesus
    John Cale: Taking Your Life in your Hands
    Tyrannosaurus Rex: One Inch Rock
    Robert Fripp/David Byrne: Under Heavy Manners
    Hmm – I guess I don’t pay that much attention to the words….

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