28 September 2005

Two days working with my colleague and friend Tony to hand over what I’ve been doing. The project I’ve been working on for the last two years (I and the whole of the division of the organisation I work for) is reaching a launch date just after I come back from New Zealand, so I’m ducking out at the most frantic time. Most people are unhappy about it, feeling it’s been mismanaged, we’ve been sold out to an international company, we won’t be able to provide the levels of service we could when we had control etc. I don’t want to venture an opinion, I wouldn’t like to have been in the shoes of the people running this thing.  I can say I am glad I won’t be here over the next few weeks.

Last night saw the third rehearsal of The Project With Tricia,  Sean and Pete, now minus the keyboard player Nathan. It wasn’t as smooth as the last one, a couple of months ago, and I felt that if I looked above my head there would be a giant question-mark above my ability as a lead guitarist. My strategy: stick to bottleneck, which I know I can do, and whole-tone or atonal unpleasantness, which everyone seems to think is the bee’s knees. Avoid bluesy-rock soloing, which so many people can do better than I.

I seem to have left my mobile phone at the rehearsal room, which is unfortunate as I need it for work today and the rehearsal room is about 12 miles away and I don’t know when it opens. Mindfulness, mindfulness.

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