29/05/06 Not my space

Woke up feeling like myself again.  The ‘lost’ article was found just after midnight, before I went to bed, so I guess I slept better. As for the decision, I postponed it, and surprisingly I don’t feel it hanging over me quite so oppressively. Yesterday was a strange day.

Today, full of energy and enthusiasm, clearing out lots of to-do’s that have been around for a while, for example website work for OOTB and for other people.

But this afternoon I tried to rectify MySpace again. Bad idea….

Words cannot express my hatred and contempt for this site. As
long-suffering readers will know I have a MySpace page
http://myspace.com/normanlamont which I cannot update or accept
‘friends’ for because it will not accept any passwords I  try to feed
it.  Since then, every couple of months,  I’ve tried a couple of times
to create a new ‘band’ page to replace it but every time I end up with
a ‘normal’ page that I can’t put music on. So I proliferate useless and
unfilled pages, but can’t get at the one with my ‘real’ name on it.
Today, with some help from a woman in Connecticut (the first time I’ve
ever got anything but a standard automatic email)  I did manage to
delete one of the ‘unwanted’ accounts, and set about trying to create a
new one, being sure I went to the ‘band’ setup, but lo! and behold! New
page, can upload photos but can’t upload music, because it doesn’t seem
to be a band page. I have wasted so much time trying to get into
MySpace to cosy up to so many of my OOTB and other friends. No more!
This is the last of many many hours that I’m wasting on this crock of

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