A day off work, although it didn’t feel like it as I spent the morning updating and completing the Queensferry Arts Festival website. Then some music in the afternoon, editing one song in Cubase and adding vocal to another, just to see if I could sing that high.

Suddenly it was time to head over to Glasgow for a meeting of the eLearning Alliance. A bus to Waverly and train to Glasgow. I like trains. I like tea on trains – it seems to taste better. The centre of Glasgow was full of diversions due to a cycle race taking place later in the evening. Everywhere you looked were spindly-looking men in tights and strange helmets. Why do cyclists feel the need to dress like emaciated superheroes? The meeting was quite interesting – a report on current elearning practice in the US, which made me feel like my employers are just limping into 1996 and trumpeting it as an achievement. Anyway I’d better shut up as we’re speaking at the next meeting in September.

On arriving at Waverly I’d just missed the bus home, and decided to walk along Princes St to see what the band was in Princes St Gardens. It sounded like Simple Minds, and it turns out that’s who it was, but you couldn’t stand on that side of the road, or wait for a bus there, so I had to hoof it back to Waverly, enjoying the rich experience of peoplewatching that’s only available during the Festival.

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