29 December 2005

Quite a busy day at work, then catching up with chores.  Changed strings on my acoustic in order to put it into New Standard Tuning (CGDAEG) in preparation for the Guitar Craft course next week – what a beautiful tuning. Not easy to play chords in but random arpeggios sound glorious. Because of the B and bottom E being so far away from their normal pitch you have to use different gauge strings so you can’t really tune in and out of this tuning. Does this mean I need a second acoustic guitar if I want to keep using it? Oh, the pain …

The reviews of ‘If You Had Said’  keep flooding in on Garageband, mostly complimentary or constructive-critical.  I keep trying to get back into MySpace but they won’t accept my password or the one they send me, nor can I get a reply from anything other than an automated system. Their customer support is pants.

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