29 July 2005

Made a little progress on two recordings yesterday, redoing the voices for Dorothy’s Book and recording one voice track for The Chase.  And a bit of eBaying, which always leaves me queasy afterwards.

I had wanted to go to Out of the Bedroom for the first time in months, but Lyns had been asked to take part in a live rehearsal for a webcast at the Left Bank with the Houdini Box. This being my week for my activities,  I’d said I wouldn’t be available, but on reflection  felt it was unfair to the new drummer Alex, and went along for the requested time of 8 o’clock, thinking it might be over by nine. We had a soundcheck fairly promptly, and then … the usual saga. We didn’t take to the stage till 11.45.  On the positive side the place was full, the sound engineering was meticulous and helpful, the stage monitoring excellent and we played well. But I’m rapidly wearying of the trade-off of three hours sitting around against 40 minutes pleasure on stage. My time is too precious to me. The clientele of the Left Bank, like most of the musicians I know, are only starting to get into their social life at midnight, and will probably sleep till midday. Even on holiday, like now, I can’t – and simply don’t want to – have that kind of timetable. Which makes band life an unsatisfying compromise. Last night was worse than usual because there seemed to be no plan, and nobody told us when we’d be on stage until 45 minutes before, but my feeling is that (1) it’s normal and (2) most people on the gigging band scene accept it, indeed enjoy it and have no pressures (like jobs) to conflict with it. Which is why I’m out of place.

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