29 March 2006

Finished the first draft of the site I’ve been doing at work. I think it’s going to raise a few eyebrows; usually I’m taking other people’s ideas and words and making them good-looking and usable, but this time it’s my own manifesto for what our team should be offering, and I’m aware of having got on my soapbox a little. What the management will make of it is anyone’s guess, but I’d rather get it all up there on the test server and have the discussion, and maybe have bits of it whittled away than try to reach consensus before writing it and not being brave enough. It goes on the test server tomorrow.

Had the house to myself for a few hours and, unlike the last few times that’s happened, I threw myself into recording, re-doing the vocal on several songs and some guitars on Come With Me. I’ll post some results on the In Progress page soon.

Watched The Apprentice and saw Jo get the heave-ho.  In common with lots of others, I think, I thought she was ready for the push and would be completely irritating to work with, but I will miss her. (Someone I only see in a TV show once a week and I say I’ll miss her. How sad am I?)

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