29 November 2005

Up early for sit, and used journal time to prioritise what I need to learn about for work. A long phone call at work – at least an hour – made me glad to be using a Bluetooth earpiece rather than holding the phone to my ear. I was able to walk about, or gaze out the window at the clear winter sky.

After that the rest of the day was bitty, with no satisfying tasks and little sustained concentration from me. Toward the end of the afternoon an engineer came to service the gas fire and deduced that we had a pressure problem. This led to a 20m wait on the phone to the gas supplier, during which I heard Bobby Darin’s ‘Mack the Knife’ more times than I have heard it in my life up to this point. On being answered by an operative, I was told I should be speaking to Transco, not them. To their credit, Transco provided an engineer to fix the problem – a replacement regulator – within less than half an hour.

Booked travel for Guitar Craft – an unbelievable £29 return from Prestwick to Hamburg with Ryanair – and got my hard guitar case out of the loft to see if it was usable. If it wasn’t, my only choice would have been to buy another seat at £29 for my guitar. The case will need some repair but a music shop I spoke to said they could probably do it.

In the evening, did a little guitar scale practice, watched 20m of a Bridget Jones film with Pest, and set about clearing files from my PC, a task that quickly degenerated into distraction. Now tired and computer-averse.

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