29 September 2005

My last day at work before The Trip, so there’s a lot to do. Madame’s working all tomorrow too, probably late into the evening, and we leave on Saturday.

I’ve made an announcement on the OOTB board about the demise of the Houdini Box; I’ve known for a week or more, but didn’t want to allude to it until Lyns was ready to go public on it. She’s clearly unhappy, and very weary of the whole thing. The band had dwindled from a six-piece to a duo; these songs need good instrumentation and the thought of teaching the intricacies of the same songs to a ‘new generation’ when there wasn’t a strong audience demand was just too daunting. It’s hard trying to run a band at all, let along trying to find new members, find places to play and manage the blues of turning up for sound checks, waiting and waiting, then getting your half hour of fun. I don’t know why we do it. (Well I do actually, but it’s not clever and it’s not grown-up.)

1 thought on “29 September 2005”

  1. You and Lynsey have my sympathies; The Flowers having had their fair share of ingoing and outgoing members too. I sometimes think that It’s a miracle that bands even make it on to the stage when you consider the obstacles.
    I hope to see you playing bass in another project at some point Norman, as I always really enjoyed your playing.

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