2 February 2006

The Reports of Wrath on the Survey of No Forgiveness are not behaving properly. I managed one fix but will be waiting for The Flying Dutchman (European expert on The System of Despair) to advise me on the other fault.

Bitty day as I had to come and go to various places, but I managed some progress on one template, probably the last I’ll do, and on to the next task, the Cascading Style Sheets to skin these templates. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, there’s something to be grateful for.

Took my guitar back to the technician who was apologetic about the state of it, fixed it while I waited and gave me a new set of strings as  compensation for the inconvenience.

Because of the time spent doing that  I did a couple of hours work in the evening then email, then guitar practice then guitar mucking-about. I feel like I’ve been sitting on this chair at this desk for 15 hours, but it’s really only 12.

Bed, bed, bed …

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