2 January 2006

Another holiday, mostly bumbling around trying to get small tasks done. Drove to Livingston to find the only shop I know where you can get a replacement watchstrap for a Casio digital watch. Resisted temptation to go to clothes shops in McArthur Glen.

Reflecting on how much I enjoyed last night’s Chicago movie on TV, the best songwriting I’d heard all year, great acting, sets and dancing; at the same time a revulsion at the moral black hole at the centre, the total cynicism of the story. No redeeming characters whatsoever and the only character with any positive moral qualities presented as a naive idiot to be laughed at. Wondering if any of my friends would agree with me – probably not.

Watched last week’s episode of Rome and, with Madame at night, the New Year Chewin the Fat. In the evening a rehearsal with Rosie and Fritz for Rosie’s recording session, which will be after my return from Guitar Craft.

Another ‘meme thing’, this one from thismoment:
Four jobs you’ve had in your life
TEFL teacher; art school life model (stop giggling at the back!); social therapist; web designer.
Four movies you could watch over and over
I don’t think there are any I’d sit through multiple times, but I’ll happily browse bits from either of the Tim Burton Batman pictures, Seven Samurai, The Sacrifice, and the Lord of the Rings films.
Four places you’ve lived
Cairo; Bournemouth; Manchester; Rotterdam.
Four TV shows you love to watch
Rome, Lost, BBC News 24, Simpsons. Wish they’d re-run Twin Peaks.
Four places you’ve been on vacation
Tunisia, New Zealand, Malta, Cordoba.
Four websites you visit daily
Discipline Global Mobile (King Crimson, not S&M); Out of the Bedroom discussion board; This Moment; most of the ones listed under ‘Diversions’ on the right.
Four of your favorite foods
olives, porridge, custard, toast.
Four places you’d rather be right now
Singapore, Cairo, New York, Maenllwyd (retreat centre)

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