A busy but fairly controlled day where I packed into lunchtime the recording of a vocal track for the old song I’m working on using the following approach: set up mic, switch on, sing one verse as practice, sing the entire song once as take 1, sing it again as take 2, set up a third track and inject occasional harmonies and DONT’ LISTEN BACK. Dismantle mic stand etc, so you’re not tempted to tinker and listen back. Start to finish, 25m.  Of course it may not be good, but the instrumental work on a recording is more lifelike when you have a vocal; if you don’t there’s a tendency to over play (at least I have that tendency).  Which reminds me of Brian Eno on Bono: ‘he’s like  a lot of singers in that he wants to fill every empty space in the track with vocals, an empty space being defined as when there’s nobody singing.’
Still got plenty of work done, went to jujutsu, did guitar practice, did some necessary finance stuff and watched an online video discussion between Brian Eno and games author Will Wright. It’s now 23:35 and time for bed.

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