I’m stepping out into the bearpit of public performance again on Sunday at the renewed Full Moon Club.

Here’s more from Fritz:

The Full Moon Club is back, and it’s badder than ever!
It’s moved to the The Three Tuns on Hanover St (next to Miss Selfridge)on Sunday afternoons (2 til 6p.m., and it’s child-friendly. Bring I.D. if you want a drink, and may look under-age). First Sunday of the month, starting with December 3rd. As usual, it’s free.

We’ve got a few of our favourite regulars (Norman Lamont, Rosie Bell, and the ever mysterious Mysterious); a couple of new-to-us acts, namely The Axidents, and singer-songwriter-Perth-dweller Roddy; and Lurker, 999er and Blubbery Hellbelly Big Arfur.

For me, this’ll be an acoustic songs set, not a WaveForms one!

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