3/05/06 clearing space

A couple of programming issues with a current piece of work, which I’d planned a day to tackle, rolled over and surrendered within an hour. What a treat.

Spent some time on the phone to a call centre for car insurance, speaking to a Yorkshire woman who mothered me over the phone (‘Oh, you poor love’ ‘Don’t you worry yourself, my love’). And this was nothing to do with an accident, just correcting an error in our application (and costing myself £56 in the process)!

In the afternoon, 45 minutes receiving instructions for a job, incidental to my main objectives; the manager who directed them to me later apologised and told them he would give them a counter-proposal ending in ‘off’.

Watched The Apprentice as always – Michelle came from nowhere and snatched a place in the final. Paul fell like the balloon he is. Fascinating.

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