30 December 2005

Up very late due to alarm clock battery running out. No sitting or journal.


Spent the morning wrapping up work for a two-week break. There’s a certain satisfaction to setting up an email ‘Out of the office’ message, plus the nagging doubt that I’ve missed something important I should have done.

Read more reviews of If You Had Said. Tried again without success to get into MySpace or get some response out of their customer services.

BenbagBen found himself a new bed and slept here for a couple of hours.

Postman brought the Crimson Jazz Trio album which is pleasing – smooth piano/fretless bass/drums versions of King Crimson tunes, all very melodic and flowing (unlike some of the originals).

In the evening dinner at Tricia and Sean’s, with Pete, with chat like ‘The first single you bought?’ and ‘The first album you bought?’ and ‘The first famous band you saw?’ (answers below if you want – what were yours?) then a game of Yahtzee, which I was playing for the first time. Also watched a bit of Harry Potter with Tricia and Sean’s six year old son Angus.

First single: Woolworths used to sell singles of ‘soundalike’ chart hits with one on each side. I think the first I bought may have been a version of Cliff Richard’s Bachelor Boy – I really can’t remember.

First album: Simon and Garfunkel Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme

First band: Family at Glasgow Green’s Playhouse (later the Apollo). I think the second band was King Crimson!

… and yours?

1 thought on “30 December 2005”

  1. First Single : Elvis Presley – The Wonder of You (1970)
    First Album : Mott The Hoople – All The Young Dudes (1972)
    First Gig : Wizzard – Edinburgh Odeon (8/2/74)
    Happy New Year!!

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