30 January 2006

The Survey With No Obvious Symptoms is live and being used on the System That Engenders Despair. I had to do one minor revision in the morning and that was that.

Most of the rest of the day was My Life in Javascript (or What A Difference a Wiggly Bracket Makes).

Jujutsu at night followed by a quick session on the PC to lay another rhythm guitar track on Come With Me. Listened back to what I’d done on The Chase and was quite satisfied. Both my electric guitars are away at Sound Control getting the synth pickup transferred from one to another, so that forces some restraint in plastering on layer after layer.

Finally a chat with Plague, who was talking about his work. He works for an upmarket independent audio/visual shop, and does home installations. He went to one family who’d had a TV/DVD/video/home cinema thingy set up by a high street retailer. Nothing was working and after giving up on support from the shop from which they bought it, they’d paid for a call-out from Plague’s shop (it’s not called ‘Plague’s Shop’ by the way). When he got there he found that it wasn’t working because half the connecting cables hadn’t been plugged in and some of those that had were wrong. Worse, the remote wasn’t working because the batteries had been put in the wrong way round.  Another customer had taken a three-year warranty on home cinema setup, only to find that the small print included the customer having to pay for postage if the goods had to be repaired – to Belgium! It was actually cheaper to buy a new TV!

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