30 March 2006

Published that site at work – it’ll probably be next week before I get any email responses. A P45 will take longer.

Went to the Left Bank for the first time in several months for Ross Galloway’s leaving night. He’s off to work in Iona for a few months. Gave him a DVD of the programme on Ronnie Lane shown on BBC4 some weeks ago. Despite my twitchiness as an audience member I was well impressed with the singer/songwriters who were on last night: Alex Norton, Colin Donati, Aaron Wright, William Douglas and Ross himself. Not a naff song among them.

… and how nice to come home and find my clothes don’t stink of smoke! I’m almost unique among my musician friends in thinking the politicians done good here.

1 thought on “30 March 2006”

  1. Hi there Norman – interested to hear about the non-smoking venue experience. I figured if they could manage it in a rock club in San Francisco I visited a few years ago then they must be in with a shout here in the UK. I wonder how many establishments are breaking the ruling?
    best wishes

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