3/10/10 New York City

 CIMG0899 Our last day. After packing and checking out, Madame and Pest returned to Macy’s, while I took up Stan’s invitation to his flat, just off Central Park. We had coffee and enjoyed a good chat about many topics, including the odd  rock star anecdote  which I won’t blog in public, but which could probably be wheedled out of me in person at the right time.  A thoroughly agreeable visit with a thoroughly agreeable new friend.

Meeting the girls again it was sadly apparent that with Sunday maintenance on the subway, my long awaited walk over Brooklyn Bridge would have to wait for my next visit (which I hope won’t be long). We walked back to the Port Authority, loving NYC all the more for leaving it.

Bus to Secaucus, taxi to Newark and a smooth flight home ( in which I failed to catch the ending of The Ghost Writer as they’d changed the programme and watched The Karate Kid, only to miss the ending of that. But I can guess.)



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