31/05/06 CSS, Yusuf, Spiders

Yesterday was spent coaxing, rather than struggling, CSS to produce a layout that would work in three versions of a browser and in two screen resolutions. By the end of the day it seemed to be there.

Spoke to an experienced Crafty Guitarist about two possibilities for some GC learning over the summer.

Took Pest for driving practice, then settled down to Lost, followed by an interesting documentary about Yusuf Islam (the former Cat Stevens). As Bob Geldof pointed out, he’s not a fashionable person to like, but was immensely popular in the 70s – everyone had Tillerman or Teaser. I’ve seen him talk many times about his conversion, and he speaks with lucidity, humour, humility and the often exasperated perspective of a Moslem who is also an educated liberal, which flies in the face of our current stereotypes of Moslems as terrorists or medieval fanatics. (See also Richard Thompson and Karen Armstrong’s Muhammad)  The programme showed him recording a new album; one song seemed rather twee but the last one, played as the credits rolled, was atmospheric, musically interesting and whetted the appetite for more.

Today, a project meeting in Birmingham with no less than 19 people
which defied reason by keeping to time and achieving what it set out to
achieve, largely due to the skill of the facilitator and the
willingness of all involved to contribute without ego.

From the airport straight home, into the car and, via an immense traffic queue on the A90, to a rehearsal of what seems now to be The Band With A Name:  Gravy Spiders! Our first performance will be on June 30th at the Minto Hotel, and the gaps in our arrangements and areas of untogetherness are suddenly thrown into harsh relief. ON the way, listened to Lindsay Sugden’s new CD which is very impressive.

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