2/11/06 Campbeltown and Macrahanish

After breakfast we drove to Campbeltown. Although it’s a beautiful place in its own right, like many others I associate it with Paul McCartney. I’m not alone, I discovered, as the lady in the tourist office brought him up by chance, saying how he enjoyed being able to walk about the town unhassled, but didn’t mind people photographing him as long as they didn’t snap his children. She directed us to the Linda McCartney memorial garden, which confounded a few of my preconceptions as it was planned, created and maintained by the local community, not by Paul, in recognition of years of unpublicised work and generosity to the town.

Macrahanish We then went on to Macrahanish for some seal-spotting, returning to the hotel for sessions with a visiting reflexologist.

Inside the hotelAfter dinner another quiet evening, the TV switched off, the log fire burning.

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