Johnny Seven photo.

More war stuff. Funny little exchange over on CBQ’s blog about the Johnny Seven gun. I remember asking my parents for one and being refused, probably on cost grounds rather than ethical. If I had one now, I’d hide in the bushes while primary school kids went by then attack them with the grenade and rocket launcher. Probably only once, as I’d get locked up and if I didn’t they wouldn’t give me my grenade and rocket back.

But I did get one of the first Action Men when it was launched in the UK. I’d been aware of it through reading American comics and thought it would be great (‘very educational about World War II uniforms and equipment’, I bleated). In America it was called GI Joe, and when I finally got my Action Man, he had Hasbro GI Joe stencilled on his bum. Honest.

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  1. I never had an Action Man – I had to make do with Sindy’s friend (or possibly “tom-boy” little sister), Patch…
    I am scarred…

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