31 December 2005

Reviews keep flooding in on Garageband for If You Had Said, the consensus being that the lyrics are good, the production quite good, it’s too long and I can’t sing.

A day of clearing up stuff before new year. In the evening dinner at the Queen’s Spice with Pest, her best friend and best friend’s parents, who invited us to their house afterwards. Played their grand piano and listened to a CD by – gaah! I can’t remember their name, but it was quite good!! We weren’t sure if they expected us to stay for the bells or not, so we headed off but took so long to reverse out of their drive that we met the new year driving through a deserted South Queensferry. Got home and Plague arrived 5 minutes into 2006 feeling very rough, and not through alcohol consumption. In fact we spent the first hour of the new year between Jools Holland’s programme and NHS24’s helpline to get a diagnosis of what was wrong with Plague, which is likely to be sinusitis.

Happy New Year! Most of the people I know read this are creative types so I hope 2006 is a good year for bringing good stuff into the world, and that we have a better world to bring it into.

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