31 January 2006

More success at work with Javascript, creating templates for elearning questions. I’ve often used bits of code offered on websites by enthusiasts, as have most other HTML/Javascript developers, but this is the first time I’ve adapted something so successfully that I think I could send it to the original developer, who might then want to improve it a bit and offer it to all and sundry.

Daily guitar practice continuing, same finger exercises and scales, plus a daily attempt at a difficult cross-picking piece called Hope from one of Fripp’s albums. Each day I play a few bars at 60bpm, trying to get it right, usually manage four bars before a mistake, and persevere like that for five minutes, then try playing it at the correct speed. One day …

IN the evening a brisk and efficient recording session playing bass for Rosie Bell at Split Level Studios. We got the bass for all three songs done in less than three hours, two of the songs starting from scratch. I was no sooner in the door at 10 than I was back into Cubase with Pestilenzia working on her composition for school, which is now showing signs of Lamont lineage – twelve tracks! I’m really impressed, not only with her composition and arrangement skills but also how quickly she’s got the hang of Cubase.

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