3 December 2005

Slept in till 7.30 (decadence!) and missed sitting. House stuff in the morning and in the afternoon, a jam in a rehearsal room with Ross Galloway and Lyns; this was at Ross’s request as he’s leaving for India any day now. It started with me on bass, Ross on drums and Lyns on guitar for an improvisation, then Ross and Lyns swapped for some blues numbers, one of his own  and Bob Marley’s Exodus. After a while I took the guitar and Ross went on bass, and we skirmished with a number of popular songs including Neil Young’s On the Beach, my Come With Me, Ronnie Lane’s Gonna See the King and Careless Love, then on into a medley of 70s stuff – Virginia Plain, Get It On, Get Back, Baba O’Reilly, Sweet Jane, Jean Genie and I don’t know what else. Great fun and we were relieved no-one was listening outside.

Received news of the Edinburgh Festival of Middle Eastern Spirituality, which should be a treat for anyone who likes Middle Eastern music.

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