3 January 2005

Early-ish rise at 7 for sit but no journal. Most of the day spent in shops with Madame to get quote for replacement of her lost ring, by way of taking Pest to work in River Island and seeing Plague briefly at the optician.

In the evening, catching up with OOTB business and gratefully receiving music from Soapkills. They’re a Lebanese duo I came across quite by accident while browsing for something else, but I loved their gentle trip-hop-like sound: almost an Arabic Everything But the Girl. I tried to buy their album but their PayPal account wasn’t working. When I emailed them about it, they offered me their last-but-one album free. Very generous.

While out, used some HMV vouchers to buy Kate Bush’s Aerial and Crosby and Nash’s Wind on the Water – I was hoping it would be live acoustic but it’s rather padded out with California session men. I’m not particularly interested in Graham Nash, except as a harmony voice, but I think David Crosby’s voice is magic.

Also this evening at last – a return to recording my own stuff as I overcame both procrastination and fear of failure to make a start on recording Come With Me. I’m fonder of this song than anything I’ve written or recorded in the last five years, so I’ve been putting off even starting to record it as I’m scared of getting it wrong but now I have a basic drum click, a melody line and some stumbled-over chords in MIDI. I’ll live with it in MIDI for a while until I’m sure it’s the right tempo, so no guitars or voices until the tempo is right.

If you want nightmares, read Jorge Hirsch on the likelihood of an American nuclear attack on Iran, and soon. Hirsch says only American public opinion can stop it. How likely is that?

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