3 September 2005

The most productive evening ever last night. I’d remembered for weeks my offer to create some instrumentals for the people working on films and a multimedia installation for the Queensferry Arts Festival, and typically I’d always found admin stuff that needed doing instead. 

Last night I forced myself to address it, and took a little time to prepare, hooking up my guitar synth and loopers to the PC to directly record anything useful that came out. The first improv was so encouraging I just let the others record from scratch, only deleting one that sounded overwrought.

In four hours I came up with six instrumentals, some first-take single-tracks, some with a few overdubs, but all different in character and all, to my mind, interesting and far more inventive than anything I’ve done with songs. Then the fun of naming them. Previous WaveForm stuff I’ve given invented abstract names to, like ‘Dulura’ but this time I just went for whatever the music suggested. I know the guys are working on stuff to do with the Forth Bridges so I named two Red Iron Brother and Silver Sister.

I’ll put some streams up here soon for that small subset of my audience who’s interested in such things.

Interesting to see what’s happening in America – so many talking heads saying this has to be a turning point for the individualist  no-state-intervention culture. I don’t know if it’ll ‘achieve’ that (if the tragic deaths of so many can be said to achieve anything) but it does seem to be talked about in the same breath as 9/11 as a crucial wake-up call for America. And Bush is lost – he can’t blame anyone, he can’t declare war on weather or on God (after all God’s on his side, isn’t he?), and his budget cuts have so clearly played a part in the lack of disaster relief. The end of Bush?  We’ll see.

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