After a smooth and successful day at work I’d intended to go to OOTB and get back into playing, but my help was needed at home, so it was after 9 by the time I got there. Nice to catch up with old friends, and saw spots by Emily Scott and Peter Michael Rowan. Emily is a fine performer, who creates a sense of stillness and control – self-possession as Karen put it – when she starts a song that is quite a sudden shift from her everyday persona. Lyrics, voice, guitar, charisma, she’s got it all. Peter Rowan always gives a warm and hearty performance but tonight’s had more fire and drive than I’ve seen before, and two fine songs I hadn’t heard before. On the way home I reflected on my inability, or unwillingness, to write songs any more. It just doesn’t seem appropriate; what is appropriate is to record and, having recorded, promote, the back catalogue. I somehow can’t imagine writing a song now, unless it were with someone else.  I’m sure it’ll come back on the agenda at some point, but if it doesn’t I’ve got enough unheard, unrecorded or incomplete songs for the rest of my life!

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