Well the Full Moon Club went OK. I was on quite late in the programme, after a top class performance by a character called Big Arfur – a Big Guy with a Big Voice and Big Tattoos. I thought I’d die the death after that, but the audience, most of them wearing black, studs and tattoos themselves, were very welcoming, and my free CDs were snatched off the table in minutes. Sure they may end up as coasters but protecting a loved coffee table from stains counts as helping the sum of human happiness in my book. Everyone sang along to ‘Dylan’ and I went off happy to sit and watch the Axidents – the sort of ’77 punk thing I missed at the time by being away in a country where Chris de Burgh was avant garde. I never really ‘got’ punk in its day but it certainly seems to have created a loyal little community who’ve kept up a love and commitment to it as they got older.

Last week I updated a list of local open mics for the OOTB site; I now think that my duty to Romantic Fiction 2 when it emerges will be to play as many of them as I can over a few weeks before I retreat to the bunker for the next lot of recording.

2 thoughts on “4/12/06”

  1. Takes a big man not to delete my childish and sarcastic comments from the other day.
    Please forgive me, I was having a bad day, (currently using pain killers, although that is no excuse).
    Glad your gig went well, and I hope they don’t end up as coffee coasters.

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