I was going to go to the Listening Room tonight, but decided to stay in and work on the new website for the Queensferry Arts Festival and on Lindsay Sugden’s songs. There’s to be a ‘collaborations’ evening during February at Out ofthe Bedroom and we’re going to try putting together her songs and my WaveForms loops. I really enjoyed playing along to her songs and working out ideas. We’ll try them out at a rehearsal this week.

Other listening: the final mix of the Gravy Spiders two tracks, delivered by Mr BassMan on Friday.

2 thoughts on “4/2/06”

  1. That collaboration sounds interesting – when is that OOTB night?
    I’ve been listening to Romantic Fiction 2 in my car for a week or so, still not tired of it. Damn fine work. Love it. (the label got a bit crinkly – don’t know how – but fortunately the cd still plays)

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