More success today improving my templates then called to a last-minute teleconference to discuss a job request. Looks like I’ll be doing it, or some of it. But the most interesting bit will be clarifying exactly what the customer wants and needs. It always is.

Innocents rehearsal went with a good work ethic, although Lyns was absented at the last minute. The new songs are coming together well and have a good chance of moving, amusing and shocking (in turn) the audience at the Listening Room on the 23rd. And we will probably also play either the last night of OOTB at the Waverley or its first night at the Canon’s Gait.

On the bus home from the rehearsal, some phrases which might provide the start of lyrics for the Ballad from last week. I’m taking my time with this (inasmuch as someone who usually takes ten years between writing a song and recording or even performing it can be said to take his time).

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