4/5/06 birthday clearing space

The anniversary of this body’s appearance in the world. How strange. Madame gave me a beautiful orchid for my room, and a session in the Floatarium, Pest some dark chocolates and an inflatable punchbag. Plague has promised me something but I know not what.

After a 90-minute teleconference I headed to Corstorphine for a three-year medical checkup (just coincidence) at which I was pronounced extremely healthy.

After an intriguing and enjoyable Japanese lunch with Karen Decibelle/Innocent, went to the office for another 1-hour teleconference, terminated (thankfully) by the death of my phone battery.

On the bus home, some thoughts about my music and my time of life, recognising a change in perspective from the wish for celebrity and income (failed) to the wish to discharge my responsibility to whatever muse brought these songs through me and then to get on with my life. In other cultures I would now be putting my affairs in order and retreating from the marketplace to a life of contemplation. I feel that this is happening, but very slowly.

In the evening, a quick birthday meal then hauling furniture around in preparation for the wallpapering man’s visit today.

3 thoughts on “4/5/06 birthday clearing space”

  1. Happy Birthday Norman!!!
    I forgot..
    I’ve had a week of Taurean birthdays.. one after another literally… for a girl whose life was once full of Gemini’s (two for one value!) now it’s full of Taureans.. must be the transit of some large slow planet at work..
    Love and wishing you all the best for music and future

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