4/9/06 Back

My web non-existence seems to have been resolved and my presence restored. That feels better. Don’t know if email’s working again yet. Typing this in Birmingham airport, where I’ve purchased more internet time on this kiosk than I really want but I had to see if the site had been resolved.

I’ve started using a very good anti-spam service called Onlymyemail.com and had routed all my domain email through that, but I’d forgotten that some services such as my domain registration still used my ISP’s email address, and I hadn’t forwarded that. The result was that I didn’t receive the five or six emails they sent warning me that the domain name was about to expire and didn’t know anything about it until it did on Friday. No-one else to blame.

Plans gather pace for the Queensferry Arts Festival and I had a good rehearsal with Pete Rowan for Saturday’s spot there – he’ll be playing violin with Lynsey, Karen and me, so it’s an Innocents of sorts. He’s a football referee when he isn’t a musician, and let me hold up a real red card. Simple joys are the best.

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