4 December 2005

Visit from Madame’s dad in the morning, house stuff and some shopping in the afternoon and guitar practice and discussion with Plague about his quest for independence and his earnings  in the evening.  Passed Fopp in Rose St and as usual was tempted by their low prices to buy CDs of albums I either knew,or  had on very scratchy vinyl or hissy cassette: Kraftwerk’s Trans-Europe Express, Love_and_hateBowie’s Heroes and Lenny Cohen’s Various Positions and Songs of Love and Hate, which has two of my favourite Cohen songs, Avalanche and Famous Blue Raincoat.
I’ve seen Cohen a few times with different backing bands, but the standout memory for me was on the Various Positions tour with what was largely a country band, when he appeared solo for Avalanche and Stranger Song, and the man’s incredible presence reached every soul in that theatre.

I spent last night writing the next part of my adoption story, which I’ll publish here in the next day or two.

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  1. These are some of my favourite albums too, and, coincidentally, I also saw LC on that tour. If I remember correctly they did a great rocknroll version of ‘The Butcher’ too.

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