4 January 2006

Up earlyish, sit and journal.

This was to have been a day of getting things done in preparation for leaving tomorrow, but a number of things caused the best laid schemes to gang agley, the principal one being the collapse of the Out of the Bedroom discussion board. I had inherited this from Nelson, the previous webmaster, and I found my prominent nose being rubbed brutally in my ignorance of PHP, discussion boards and databases. I know precisely nothing. Fortunately I was rescued by the hosting company, Plugsocket. This is not the first time they’ve helped me out with various problems and I can’t speak too highly of their service. I’m sure there are cheaper hosting companies but it’s at times like this you appreciate people you can rely on.

I had a long list of tasks to do while Plague went to the doctor and Pest recovered from a night’s clubbing; I got a fair number done, and got packed for tomorrow.

In the evening a rehearsal with Sean, Tricia and Pete, where we really seemed to pull together and make something of the songs – Sean and Tricia’s Raindance, Tom McEwan’s Sleep Alone, an extended jam, and a first exploration of my Hungry Ghosts. For the first time I left feeling buoyant and with  a glimmer of confidence in my role as lead guitarist.

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