4 June 2005

A lot of music going on. On Thursday evening Sean and Nathan came to do some work on a song for the next Romantic Fiction CD. Sean and Nathan were in the band Bespoke, and Tricia, also from Bespoke and formerly Hungry Ghosts, sings the song better than I ever could. The session was good, if inconclusive, but marred by my breaking a glass in the kitchen, one of a set that have been in my family since my childhood, possibly before.

Last night, another excellent Innocents rehearsal, where the combination of familiarity with the songs and long gaps between performances allowed us to enjoy playing them without worrying about coming in at the right moment or anything like that. We also prepared I.O.U. and Nicole for tomorrow’s show at the Meadows Festival.

Today at the Meadows Festival:
The Houdini Box at 3pm

Norman Lamont and the Innocents (described as ‘Eclectic bluesy folk rock.’)   1pm

Lynsey now has the Houdini Box debut single Seven Percent Solution completed, with her superb artwork. We’ll sell the first ones at today’s gig.

Thanks to a friend I now have a soundscapes gig at St John’s Church (corner of Princes St and Lothian Road) on August 8th. It’ll be an hour of ‘music for contemplation and reflection’.

I must admit I feel over-committed at times, but not yet ready to give up any of the projects I’m involved in.

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