4 November 2005

The Geek dreams of Crete

Instead of the CPU fan
Instead of the flat-screen stare
Endless blue
Instead of key-tips tapping
I finger the scrubby hill
Instead of the mouse
A row-boat on a long long rope.

Missed seeing my friends the Decibelles last night because of an anxious wait for Plague to get home after an accident with a van he was driving for the first time at his job. Nobody was hurt but there’s a dispute about whose fault it was, and a lot of damage done to both cars. It’s a new job, and his first day driving, so it’s quite a blow. Helped him with his statement this morning, where he’s tried to find as many ways as possible of saying ‘I didn’t expect someone to overtake when I was sitting in the middle of the road indicating I was turning right.’

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