4th piece of artwork for ‘Stories…’ The Ballad of Bob Dylan

dylanHere’s the fourth of five images created by artist friends to accompany the show Stories My Killer Told Me. This one’s by the multi-talented Lynsey Hutchinson, who gave me the original for my 50th birthday.

You can find more of her excellent work at www.thehoudinibox.com


All five will be available on postcards at the gig.

Front of In Another Life

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Here’s the gig Stories My Killer Told Me.

… and here’s the song.!



1 thought on “4th piece of artwork for ‘Stories…’ The Ballad of Bob Dylan

  1. Hi Norman, was talking to an old school friend who I used to go to Walker Brother concerts with about ‘Ricky’, your version of Jacquie. She said she’d love to see the words. I thought I had them but can’t find them anywhere. Do you have them typed up so that you could send to me? Hope all is well with you. Ann xx

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